Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beautiful Simplicity

One of my favorite designers is Kristin Smith of  K S Jewellery Designs.  When I am seeking inspiration by looking at pictures on the web, I instantly recognize her work.  It's elegant, refined, sophisticated, playful and yet simple.  Often times we think of simple as plain, maybe even boring or ho hum. I have never had those thoughts when seeing her pieces.  They inspire me to not clutter my work.  Sometimes I get carried away thinking I need more detail or more complicated designs.  She helps me to reign that in and tone it down some.

Kristin also has some wonderful tutorials for any of you that are interested in learning to make your own jewelry or expand your skills.  K S Jewellry Design Tutorials

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Copper, Brass and Turquoise Jasper

These are commissioned pieces for a friend of a friend. A classic look in earthy tones with the copper wrapping the brass.

Gemstone Meaning:

Jasper is used by gemstone therapists to heal mental stress. It is said to aid in grounding, to give protection, and to help align all the chakras and balance yin-yang energies.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February's Birthstone is the Amethyst

Sterling Silver and Amethyst ring

Amethyst and Silver ring
Amethyst and silver bracelet
Amethyst and Amber earrings

Because of its regal purple hue, amethyst has long been a favorite of kings, queens, and other nobles. While it signifies wealth and strength, this radiant stone is also a symbol of soberness, tranquility, and wisdom.For those who were born in the month of February the Amethyst is the traditional birth stone. 

The gift of Amethyst is symbolic of protection and the power to overcome difficulty.  It is said to strengthen the bond in a love relationship, so it is an ideal anniversary or engagement gem.  Whether or not Amethyst holds such power, it's stunning beauty will certainly make anyone who wears it feel like royalty!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Facebook Fan Page!

Today is my birthday. As a gift to myself, I created a Facebook Fan page.  I hope you'll stop by and 'Like' it.

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