Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holy Crochet Batman!

 An interesting thing happened last night.  I jumped the shark apparently and finally created a crochet piece that I think is worthy of a picture!  To digress a bit, I saw some pictures of a crocheted ring about a month or so ago and thought, "Wow! That looks really cool." So being my typical self, I said, I can make that!  Never having tried to crochet before I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I did try to knit a few years ago and almost ended up bald! I made one project and quit. NOT my cup of tea...at least not with yarn. I may try again with wire after seeing some neat stuff on the net.

Anyway, I didn't know didly about crochet. The thinnest gauge wire I had was a 24 and I had no hooks. As with most things, I threw myself into the idea and went on the search for some supplies.  I went to JoAnn's fabrics thinking they would have some hooks. They did, but mostly plastic and one very tiny crochet hook. I think the smallest they make!  Did I tell you I liked to challenge myself?!  I tried to use one of the plastic hooks with the 24 gauge wire and broke the tip off of it.  I then tried the smaller metal hook I'd gotten and it was just too tiny to hold the wire. The learning curve is steep sometimes.

I finally found some 32 gauge wire thinking the smallest wire would be the easiest to practice on. While it was much easier than the 24, it is very frail. I was able to make some very delicate rings, though nothing like the ring I'd originally seen that set me off on this quest.

I decided to put the hook away over the holidays as I was a bit frustrated with my efforts. In the meantime, I ordered some 28 gauge wire. It arrived about a week ago and has been staring at me ever since.  So last night I finally pulled it out and started playing with it and as if by magic, it became almost effortless!  The wire was so easy to work with and it didn't get kinked up because I figured out how to keep it on the spool and voila!  I made 4 pieces, the last of which was the bracelet featured above.  I'm sure I'd have made some more, as I was on a roll, but it was 3 am and being a homeschooling mom, school won't go on without me.

So this is my first big piece with crochet and it turned out great! I also made some birds nest earrings that someone has already got their eye on.  I think I've gotten over the first hurdle now. Onwards and upwards!!  Wheeeeeeeeee!!!


Anonymous said...

you will love crochet with wire, 've been doingn it over 15 years and still going strong. if you ever need help, come by my site at http://imageevent.com/patmcaudel and send me an email, i'll be happy to help. and you were correct, 28 is the most used that i use for crochet. 26 works too, for frames to make around cabs, broken china plate jewelry or locket type jewelry....and chains. but you also need to learn the afghan stitch......
pat moses-caudel

Danielle said...

Thanks Pat. Guess I'll have to go google Afghan stitch now!